Start knowing.
Stop guessing.
With most digital marketing agencies, the only time you get to peak behind the curtain is when you get that end-of-month report tailored to highlight the positive things the agency has done.
But what's the real state of affairs? Do you have a winning marketing strategy or are you just guessing or maybe doing what's trendy? 
At Techknowed, our goal is to give clients an all access pass to everything related to their online presence and marketing efforts. We help clients uncover the hard facts, implement proper measurement techniques, and fully understand how their efforts are helping (or hurting) them. 
If knowledge is indeed power, we give our clients super powers! 



We specialize in working with Google Analytics. Services include everything from basic setup to data inconsistency troubleshooting to ongoing optimization.

We offer several different audits, each designed to dive deep into your online presence and digital marketing efforts to uncover any deficiencies. 

While we specialize in Google AdWords, we also help our clients with paid campaigns on the Bing/Yahoo network, social media platforms, and more.

About Us

Techknowed was founded by a couple of nerds who were tired of seeing clients' digital marketing data held hostage or not collected all despite the fact that tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars were being spent. 


Today, were a small team who likes to debate Google Analytics best practices over nachos. (Hey, who doesn't like nachos?) 


Our team has decades of experience in the web and digital marketing industries and is:


  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Inbound Marketing Certified (HubSpot)

So, if you want to really understand what's going on with your digital marketing efforts... or just talk about whether or not bounce rate really matters, drop us a line or give us a ring. We'd love to hear from you. 

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